Community Groups

Gospel, Community and Mission in the Context of Life Together.


Our community groups are the center of life and mission at church. During a typical gathering, people meet to grow in knowledge of the Scriptures, build meaningful relationships and serve the community. Our groups meet weekly throughout the city. Follow this link to learn more about Experiencing Community.



Leader: Paul and Sarahi Hernandez | | Tuesday nights at 7:30pm | 305.878.3336


South Dade

Leader: Pastor Alejandro and Xenia Rodríguez |  | Tuesday nights at 7:30pm | 305.796.5426



Leader: Pastor Juan Carlos and Stephanie Gonzalez  |  |Wednesday nights at 7:30pm  | 305.318.7451 



Leader: Erik and Lillie Echezabal  |  | Wednesday nights at 7:30pm  | 305.431.6043 


West Kendall 

Leader: Danny and Anna Rios  |  | Date and time to be determined | 786.547.5194


Miami Lakes 

Leader: David and Miriam Seijo | |Wednesday nights at 7:30pm  | 786.285.2772 



Leader: Alex and Eunice Comesañas | | Wednesday nights at 8:00pm | 305.333.2704


Coral Gables

Leader: Dan and Danielle Dominguez | Date and time to be determined


Cutler Bay

Leader: Jesse and Stephanie Crowley |  | Date and time to be determined | 305.510.5147


Golden Pines

Leader: George and Liz Maldonado |  | Thursday nights at 7:30pm | 305.606.0225


Grupos en Español

Westchester | Español

Leader: Pablo and Amy Pasteris  | | Monday nights at 8pm | 305.496.9456


Airport | Español

Leader: Jose Luis (Wicho) and Aly Valdez |  | Wednesday nights at 7:30pm | 786.781.7177


Coconut Grove | Español

Leader: Jose and Nira Abella |  | Tuesday nights at 7:30pm | 786.797.9798


West Kendall | Español

Leader: Abel and Wendy Angulo  | Time and date to be determined


Zoom | Español 

Leader: David and Fanny Rodríguez |   | Wednesday nights at 7:30pm | 786.975.6015